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Ethan Flores
Ethan Flores

Intelliadmin Network Administrator 3.0 Portable UPDATED

ok, so now that weve cleared up the messed up side of things lets take a look at the good stuff. portia comes with an array of helpful utilities to help you set up different scenarios. its also a great getting started tutorial for your new firewall. i have it installed on my clients computers and any time a new client is setup i also use it to walk them through their network settings. it is super handy for that. in this post well take a look at how you can install it. so were going to use windows setup. go to start > programs > accessories > programs > windows setup from the start menu. when you open windows setup, click install a program. scroll down to portable network installation and click next.

Intelliadmin Network Administrator 3.0 Portable

now that windows vista is here and well, but an old legacy application is still stuck in the windows xp mindset, its time to look into moving it to a windows 7 machine. two applications that have gained the notoriety of converting legacy applications into vista compatible versions are the one click upgrade (otou) and the cleverly named wine converter (wine). both require that you have installed the windows 7 os on your pc so now you can start the conversion process by copying the legacy application (if it is in.exe,.wim or.msi format) onto a cd and then running it under the wine converter. there are other converters like pace and platypus softs which might suit your needs better. i recommend the folks at wineconverter which has an extremely intuitive, easy to use interface. after it runs (which could take up to an hour) your legacy application should now be running on windows 7 in a matter of minutes.


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