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Ong Bak 1 Full Movie English Version Part 1

While it was nice to see some Parkour-like action in the chase scenes, some of the set-ups that would allow Tony Jaa to exhibit his abilities looked highly contrived at times. Not deal-breakers for sure, but they felt unnatural which took me out of the movie briefly. There were a couple of obvious stunt-double substitutions. Thankfully there was not much to gripe about in this part of the review.

Ong Bak 1 Full Movie English Version Part 1

Buyer beware. I can't recommend the entire 'Ong Bak' trilogy on Blu-ray. I do think the impressive action in 'Ong Bak' will be satisfying enough for martial-arts movie fans to compensate for the deficiencies in both story and HD quality, but can't say the same for the other two entries, which are two parts of one badly executed story..

Wuxia was banned in mainland China for decades for promoting "superstition and unscientific thinking," according to "Chinese Martial Arts Cinema." Production was moved to Hong Kong, where the genre thrived in the 1960s and '70s inside the Shaw Brothers studios, producing seminal works like "The Five Deadly Venoms" and "The 36th Chamber of Shaolin," both in 1978. These colorful epic fighting dramas are full of goofy gags, silly wigs, and crucially, intricate combat choreography that sprawls all over the elaborate sets. Wuxia has evolved over the years to include modern crime plots, but what must remain is the balletic battles that lean on centuries of theatrical Chinese martial arts traditions. Here are the 15 best kung fu movies, ranked

"Come Drink With Me" from 1966 holds up much better than the cartoonish kung fu movies coming out of Hong Kong in the 1970s that made the genre a global phenomenon. This taut 90-minute martial arts treat is bloodier, more bathed in moody shadows, and more full of convincing swordplay than later candy-colored Shaw Studios confections like "The Five Deadly Venoms." The plot is mercifully simple: When the son of a governor is abducted by a murderous gang of bandits, a legendary swordswoman named Golden Swallow decides to rescue him. Along the way, she meets a local drunk who turns out to be a martial arts master too, and Kung fu fisticuffs ensue. Swallow was played by gifted and poised 19-year-old Cheng Pei-pei, who would be the model of all later deadly and graceful female kung fu stars.

Kung fu movie fanatic Quentin Tarantino believes Jackie Chan's "Police Story 3" (better known in the US as "Supercop") contains, "probably the greatest stunts ever filmed in any movie ever." As usual, Chan paid the price when the action star was hit with a fast-moving helicopter in the film's dramatic train-top finale, leaving him dangling from a pole with his shoulder muscles torn. The accident can be seen in the usual end-credits montage of mishaps, which are generally the best and most endearing part of Chan's impressive films.

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Malaysia-born Michelle Yeoh uses her dancing background to great effect in her movies, performing her own stunts - matching the likes of Jackie Chan for pure death-defying audacity, with the pair joining forces for Police Story 3: Supercop. Her jump from bike to train in that movie will go down as one of the greatest stunts ever put to film. While she retired in the 80s, thankfully she came back to film in the 90s, starring in the James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies and the fantastic Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Proving she has no plans to slow down, the recent Everything Everywhere All At Once is one of her best movies and features some of her best-ever fight scenes

The second goal is to keep a daily record of films watched, annotated with brisk, brief comments. It's a slightly more advanced version of the movie list I kept, in Flair pen, thumbtacked next to my bed when I was twelve.


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