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Radio Killer

On both sides there was always a suspicion that some of these devices served a double duty that would become apparent in times of war. Radio Killer (Radiokiller) takes this concept and runs with it, creating an interesting and unique films that tells its story in a typically East German, low-key style. The film is a co-production of DEFA and DFF, and first appeared on television in May of 1980. As with most made-for-TV films, the budget was low, and it shows in the production.

Radio Killer

Cel de-al treilea single Radio Killer, "Lonely Heart", a intrat în vara lui 2011 în playlistul celui mai important post de radio din Marea Britanie, BBC Radio 1. Tot pe teritoriul britanic, Radio Killer a reușit să ajungă cu "Lonely Heart" în fruntea topului Music Week Club. Acest lucru a făcut ca Radio Killer să devină primul proiect de DJ din țara noastră care reușește să intre în aceste topuri muzicale.

You'll start hearing more often the Romanian song of this week in the following period, probably mostly in clubs and on radio stations. And as the week-end approaches, let's get into the party mood while listening to the most recent single by Radio Killer, called 'Lonely Heart' (listen to it below).

Purpose: Immune based therapy has gained renewed interest in the search for treatment strategies for metastasized renal cell carcinoma. We determined whether radio frequency ablation combined with interleukin-2 would induce a tumor specific immune response and serve as an in situ vaccine against renal cell carcinoma.

Materials and methods: Mice with orthotopic renal tumors were treated with radio frequency ablation combined with interleukin-2, radio frequency ablation only, interleukin-2 only or no treatment as the control. Immunohistochemistry was done to determine which cells were present in the tumor after treatment. In vitro tumor specific cytotoxicity assays were performed with CD8+ T and natural killer cells derived from the spleen of treated mice. To study whether treatment could prevent metastasis or affect the growth of established metastases we induced lung metastasis intravenously before or after treatment and subsequently quantified it.

Conclusions: Radio frequency ablation of the primary tumor combined with interleukin-2 induces a systemic antitumor immune response to renal cell carcinoma, which is much stronger than that of interleukin-2 monotherapy. This effect appears to be mediated by natural killer and CD8+ T cells. It may have an important role in the development of new immunotherapy strategies for renal cell carcinoma.

Toby Walsh, an Australian academic who campaigns against killer robots, hopes to achieve a consensus on some limits, including a ban on systems that use facial recognition and other data to identify or attack individuals or categories of people.

DANIEL: It's not just K16. In a paper in the journal Current Biology, Weiss and his colleagues looked back across four decades of life history records of southern resident killer whales in the Pacific Northwest. The trend was clear.

DANIEL: Which could help with conservation efforts around the world. Now, this strategy of moms investing so much in their sons, it has a dark side. You see, the southern resident killer whales, like K16 and K35, they're in trouble. In recent years, the population has cratered to just 73 animals. And what these orcas really need right now, says Weiss, is more reproductive females. 041b061a72


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