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Eqov Az

What is eqov/az and why you should use it?

If you are a citizen or a business owner in Azerbaijan, you probably have to deal with various government agencies and institutions for different purposes. Whether you need to apply for a visa, register a business, pay taxes, get a pension, or access health care, you have to fill out forms, submit documents, pay fees, and wait for approvals. This can be time-consuming, costly, and frustrating.

But what if there was a way to simplify and streamline these processes? What if you could access all the public services you need from one single platform, anytime and anywhere? What if you could save time, money, and hassle while getting better service quality and satisfaction?

eqov az

That's exactly what eqov/az offers you. Eqov/az is the National Electronic Government Portal of Azerbaijan. It is a one-stop shop for all your public service needs. It allows you to access over 500 services from more than 80 government agencies online. You can also get information about your rights and obligations, check the status of your applications, verify your documents, and communicate with government officials.

Eqov/az is not just a website. It is a digital ecosystem that connects citizens, businesses, and government in a transparent, efficient, and user-friendly way. It is a tool that empowers you to participate in the governance process and contribute to the development of your country. It is a platform that supports the vision of Azerbaijan 2030 as a modern, innovative, and sustainable society.

How to access eqov/az and what services does it offer?

How to register and log in to eqov/az

To use eqov/az, you need to register on the portal first. Registration is free and easy. You just need to provide some basic information such as your name, email address, phone number, and password. You will also need to verify your identity using one of the following methods:

  • ASAN Login: This is a unified authentication system that allows you to log in to various e-government services using your ASAN ID or ASAN Signature.

  • Mobile ID: This is a service that allows you to use your mobile phone as an electronic identity document. You need to have a SIM card that supports this service from one of the mobile operators in Azerbaijan.

  • E-ID card: This is an electronic identity card that contains a chip with your personal data and biometric features. You need to have an e-ID card reader or an NFC-enabled smartphone to use this method.

Once you register and verify your identity, you can log in to eqov/az using your email address or phone number and password. the requirements, fees, documents, and deadlines for each service. You can also see the feedback and ratings from other users who have used the service before.

How to use eqov/az effectively and securely?

How to find and apply for the services you need

Once you log in to eqov/az, you can start using the services you need. You can either browse the services by categories, by life events, by agencies, or by keywords, or use the search function to find the service you are looking for. You can also see the most popular and recommended services on the homepage.

When you click on a service, you will see a detailed description of the service, including the requirements, fees, documents, and deadlines. You will also see a button that says "Apply Online" or "Go to Service". If you click on "Apply Online", you will be redirected to an online application form where you can fill out your information and upload your documents. If you click on "Go to Service", you will be redirected to the website of the government agency that provides the service.

After you submit your application, you will receive a confirmation email with a tracking number. You can use this number to check the status of your application on eqov/az. You can also receive notifications and updates about your application via email, SMS, or phone call. You can also contact the customer service center of eqov/az if you have any questions or issues with your application.

How to check the status and validity of your documents and information

Eqov/az also allows you to check the status and validity of your documents and information online. You can use this feature to verify your identity, confirm your eligibility, or avoid fraud and forgery. For example, you can check if your ID card, passport, visa, residence permit, driver's license, or vehicle registration is valid and up-to-date. You can also check if your tax payments, social insurance contributions, fines, or debts are settled and cleared.

To use this feature, you need to log in to eqov/az and go to the "Verification" section. There you will see a list of verification services that you can use. You can either enter your document number or scan your document using your smartphone camera. You will then see the status and validity of your document or information on the screen. You can also download or print a verification certificate if you need one.

How to protect your personal data and privacy on eqov/az

Eqov/az is committed to protecting your personal data and privacy on its portal. It uses advanced encryption and security technologies to ensure that your data is safe and secure. It also follows the principles of data minimization, purpose limitation, consent, transparency, and accountability in its data processing activities.

When you use eqov/az, you have full control over your personal data and privacy settings. You can decide what data you want to share with which government agencies and for what purposes. You can also access, update, delete, or restrict your data at any time. You can also withdraw your consent or object to any data processing activity that you do not agree with.

Eqov/az also respects your rights as a data subject under the Law on Personal Data Protection of Azerbaijan. You have the right to request information about how your data is processed, to access your data, to rectify any inaccuracies in your data, to erase your data, to restrict the processing of your data, to object to the processing of your data, to receive a copy of your data in a portable format, and to lodge a complaint with the relevant authority if you believe that your rights have been violated.

What are the latest developments and achievements of eqov/az?

How eqov/az supports digital transformation and innovation in Azerbaijan

Eqov/az is not just a portal. It is a catalyst for digital transformation and innovation in Azerbaijan. It supports the vision of Azerbaijan 2030 as a modern, innovative, and sustainable society. It leverages the latest technologies and best practices to improve the quality and efficiency of public services, to enhance the transparency and accountability of government, and to foster the participation and empowerment of citizens and businesses.

Some of the achievements and innovations of eqov/az are:

  • It has been recognized as one of the best e-government portals in the world by various international organizations and awards, such as the United Nations, the World Summit on the Information Society, the World Government Summit, and the Global e-Government Forum.

  • It has been integrated with other digital platforms and initiatives in Azerbaijan, such as ASAN Service, ASAN Visa, ASAN Pay, ASAN Radio, ASAN Academy, ASAN Innovation Center, and ASAN Volunteers.

  • It has introduced new features and functionalities to enhance the user experience and satisfaction, such as voice recognition, chatbot, mobile app, feedback system, online payment, electronic signature, and biometric authentication.

  • It has launched new services and projects to address the emerging needs and challenges of the society, such as COVID-19 information and support, vaccination registration and verification, digital education and training, e-commerce and e-trade, e-health and telemedicine, e-agriculture and e-environment, e-culture and e-tourism, and e-participation and e-democracy.

How eqov/az collaborates with other government agencies and international partners

Eqov/az is not a standalone portal. It is a collaborative platform that connects other government agencies and international partners in a seamless and harmonious way. It facilitates the exchange of information and data, the coordination of policies and actions, the alignment of standards and regulations, and the delivery of joint services and solutions.

Some of the examples of collaboration between eqov/az and other government agencies are:

  • It has established a single window system for various public services that involve multiple government agencies, such as business registration, customs clearance, tax administration, social insurance, land registration, property valuation, construction permits, environmental impact assessment, etc.

  • It has created a unified database for various public records and documents that are shared by different government agencies, such as identity documents, civil status records, educational certificates, health records, criminal records, property records, etc.

  • It has developed a common infrastructure for various e-government applications and systems that are used by different government agencies, such as electronic signature, electronic payment, electronic notification, electronic archive, electronic audit, electronic security, etc.

Some of the examples of collaboration between eqov/az and international partners are:

It has joined several regional and global networks and initiatives for e-government cooperation and development, such as the E-Government Development Index, the Open Government Partnership, t


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