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Flyff Lvl Bot 13

Post Date: 21:33 31-05-2010Rating: 7Author: 506dudeComment: here is my ratings on the things in but gets boring after a while and hardGameplay: good but cant get flying mounts until advance lvlsGraphics cartoony but good and very easy to seeclothing:it is ok but over pricedoverall 7 it is okay to try but gets pretty boring.

Flyff Lvl Bot 13

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Post Date: 19:52 24-02-2010Rating: 8Author: SonataaComment: FlyFF is one of the best MMORPG"s I"ve came across in my 5 years playing MMORPG"s. I"ve been playing for 3 years on and off, and it"s truely a great experience. PvP Guild siege lets all guilds battle it out in a combat area, and the winning guild gets a symbol next to thier name so everyone can see that they are the winners of the weeks siege, and they are a force to be reckoned with. Arena - You can jump into the arena when you are bored, this is a small area for all players to battle it out until thier heart is content, All out free for all! PvE The PvE in this game has a short learning curve, all you do is double click and watch you smash that monster! Unlike most games, flyff has very fast attacking, so it"s more exciting that watching your character swipe once every 2 seconds. On flyff, you swing your weapon 4 times every second roughly, unless your using a 2 handed sword. Or using skills Economy Suprisingly, you can play this game and reach the level cap without touching the cash shop! You can kill giants to earn cash, and once you are a high enough level, get your guild and smash clockworks! (A super sized mob with over 62 Million HP, Takes around 4 or 5 people attacking, and will take 30-60 minutes to take it down) Clockworks gives super amazing, uber epic drops, basicly, if you farmed clockworks, you would be very very rich and could afford alot of the Cash Shop items people sell ingame. Events were rare back int he days, but now, Gpotato have stepped up, and they are bringing out very nice events very consistantly. Graphic might not be as good as lets say Runes Of Magic, but as far as the gameplay goes, it"s one of the best and most fun games you"ll find.

Post Date: 14:53 23-02-2010Rating: 2Author: MalachyteComment: Seriously. Flyff has gone waaaaay downhill since v7. It"s gone from where CS didn"t matter much back then to now, where you"ll be lucky to get past 90-95 without some kind of CS, be it spros, gpros. apros, wtfever. And all Galanet wants to do is add more crap that they can make money off of, rather than fix what"s wrong. This and many other reasons are why I quit official flyff a long time ago in favor of pservers.

Post Date: 16:37 16-07-2009Rating: 7Author: auroraComment: v13 review Comment: This review focuses on the features that were added by the v13 flyff update. Coral Island - Is a nice area with a beach theme, sunny, bright and colourful. Contains mid-level monsters that are in plenty of supply and aren't agro. (you can safely level there without having to worry about an agro spawning on top of you and killing you ^.^ ohhh.....the amount of times I've had that happen >.> ) Also there are 2 channels for coral Island so if the area your leveling at becomes a bit busy/lag more you can switch channels. A nice addition to flyff. Rainbow Race - Takes place once a week on Saturday and constist of a bunch of mini-games that have to be completed before you race back to the finishing line. Its fun and offers a welcome distraction from grinding and questing. Even if you don't have the fastest broom/board/bike you can still win as some of the mini-games require luck and skill!!!! The prizes are good aswell. Its a shame that it only takes place once a week and on s1 which is usually the busiest and laggiest server. Couple system - I must say that I've not had much experience with this new addition (its hard to find someone that plays at the same time). From what I've seen the concept is intereasting, forming couples and leveling together while gaining various rewards and skills. Though it seems to take forever to get the couples level-up and rewards. Housing system - An interesting addition, its fun at first to get your own house and be able to jump around and add furniture to it but the novelty wears off after awhile. I guess people can use it as a meeting place or have house parties since you can invite them into your house. At the moment only furniture bought from the Cash Shop adds temporary stats (its not very useful as you can get better stats from awakening and that is permanent). On the whole, not such a great addition. Elements - The majority of the changes are nice, weapons can now have elements upgraded to +20 which gives a nice effect, the fire +20 effect/glow is awesome!!! You can now change the element without having to get rid of the previous element and re-upgrading with the new element by using a Scroll of element change. Though elementing a suit with the same element as a monster dosen't have the same effect as it did before v13. Titles/achievements - I like some of the new titles that you can get from hunting certain monsters or doing an action for xxx amount of times and its not completely based on pvp (the titles in the previous versions were based only on pvp) My only issue with the new titles/achievements is that they could be more creative with the title names. Other welcomed changes- Character status window is now wider, you can now see all the numbers in HP for example, used to be squished when you had high HP.- Arrows and Posters can now be purchased/stacked in 9999, one of the best changes of v13 in my opinion as it frees up inventory space. It used to take up 4 slot in inventory now it only takes one for 9999 arrows or posters!!!!.- Theres a new feature that I call "in-game GPS" ^. it tells you how far away you are from a selected NPC, very handy if you've never been to that particular NPC before.- The in-game map now has an option to show monster locations, again handy for people who are new to flyff, to find there way about.- Can also name your pet now (raised pets-pets that give stats only not the CS pets-pick up pets) Other changes (that were not welcomed/desired/that I just hated)- Items that are recieved on the completion of the first job change became "event" items, so these items couldn't be sold or banked. This makes it harder to get penya at low levels as you can no longer sell these items.- Buffs have a set order, as if limiting the amount of Buffs to only 14 wasen't bad enough they now have a set order. So this can be abused by using a useless buff to knock off a useful buff. (buffs= enhance character stats depending on class, some buffs are better than others)- The Character window was made bigger, I personally don't like the new size (its just too big). =Summary=On the whole the version 13 update is okay. It adds alot of additional content and tries to fix some bugs. It will be interesting to see how the new features will be developed in future versions. I was hoping that v13 would expand/improve the existing quests alas for a furture version maybe.

Post Date: 15:04 14-07-2009Rating: 5Author: AzuuyComment: Competition Review - V13Fly For Fun - FlyFF new version 13 has quite a number of new and unique features. Couple System 8/10This system rewards those who spend time with another player, with it's own level which increases according to the amount of time spent with the other.At each new level, the players are rewarded with items, or even unique skills.A good addition for all those who play with another person.Only bad thing would be it takes a very long time to level up the couple level, but this is really just a bonus for those who play flyff together. Rainbow Race 9/10This is a the first flying update and quite an exciting one, excluding the new flying vehicles and items.A nice new weekly event for those who wish to have fun in the skies and play minigames as well, with decent prizes. New Elementing 7/10The new increase to +20 from +10, is a nice addition, but alot of players probably wouldn't be worried about it. It's a nice feature for those who already have +10 element on their weapons.The new glows the weapons have at higher upgrades is also nice. Housing System 7/10While still lacking in content and quite small, it is a nice escape from everywhere else. It is also a nice place to spend time with your friends as they can enter your house, or you can enter theirs, with permission of course. Titles 9/10Not many negatives about this, except for the fact the old pvp titles are gone.Replaced with new ones though of course. Also with the addition of many other fun and qwerky titles. You also get the choice of which title you want to display if you have achieved various different ones. Coral Island 9/10A great new place for people to level at for those who wish to spend to get there. Great spawn with many monsters, excellent experience and superb drops to make up for ticket costs. An excellent addition and alternative for people to level at. Overall 8/10Version 13 is a nice addition to FlyFF, it has it negatives but alot of the new features don't affect older versions too much. A few new enjoyable features for everyone to use.

Post Date: 23:23 09-07-2009Rating: 10Author: lizethComment: I love this game the graphics, people, here I met the LOVE OF MY LIFE now is my husband, Flyff thanks for the opportunity to meet people like my HUSBAND, thanks to the creator or creators of flyff now I"m a MOM, I do not speak English, but I love the game, it"s easy to understand, I love the graphics, the clothes, I love moustros that are organized by level, I like the quality time I spend here, I have three girls players, and are good because I"m a good girl ... I played just for fun and is excellent in all respects, I do not have to specify, you know this game is really good .. and REMEMBER you, I do not speak English, but I do the best I can .. . With LOVE NatalyAudreyxD-ClocKworks


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