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Count Masters: The Ultimate Stickman Clash Game

Count Masters: A Fun and Challenging Game for Everyone

Do you love running games that test your skills and strategy? Do you enjoy leading a crowd of stickmen to victory? If you answered yes, then you should try Count Masters, a new and exciting game that will keep you entertained for hours. In this game, you have to choose the best gate, pass through it, and bring stickman warriors together to clash with the opposing crowd. You have to become the crowd master and lead your people through the crowded city till the end of this epic race. You also have to crash obstacles and beat everyone on your way, collect coins and upgrade your levels. You can even defeat the King-stickman in the final battle and take the castle!

count masters


In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Count Masters, including what it is, how to play it, why you should play it, what features it has, and some tips and tricks to help you win. So, let's get started!

What is Count Masters?

Count Masters is an online skill game that was developed by Freeplay Inc. It is available for Android devices on Google Play Store and for PC on BlueStacks. You can also play it online on Lagged, a platform that offers free games for mobile and web browsers.

Count Masters is one of the most popular games in the genre of crowd runners, which are games where you have to control a group of characters and avoid obstacles while running towards a goal. Some examples of other games in this genre are Crowd City, Join Clash 3D, and Crowd Master 3D.

Count Masters is different from other crowd runners because it has a unique feature: you have to choose the best gate at each checkpoint to increase or decrease the number of stickmen in your crowd. This adds an element of strategy and math to the game, as you have to count, increase, and multiply the runners in your team. You also have to be careful not to lose too many stickmen or run out of time.

How to play Count Masters

The gameplay of Count Masters is very simple and intuitive. You just have to swipe left or right on the screen to move your stickman leader and guide your crowd. You can also tap on the boost button at the bottom right corner of the screen to make your crowd run faster for a short period of time.

At each checkpoint, you will see two or more gates with different numbers on them. These numbers indicate how many stickmen will join or leave your crowd if you pass through that gate. For example, if you see a gate with +5 on it, it means that five stickmen will join your crowd if you pass through it. If you see a gate with -10 on it, it means that ten stickmen will leave your crowd if you pass through it.

You have to choose the best gate that will give you the most advantage over your enemies. Sometimes, you may want to increase your crowd size to overpower them. Other times, you may want to decrease your crowd size to avoid obstacles or red zones that can eliminate your stickmen.

At the end of each level, you will face a final clash with another crowd of stickmen. You have to use your boost button and crash into them with full force. The crowd with more stickmen will win the clash and move on to the next level.

If you manage to reach the last level of each world, you will face a boss fight with the King-stickman. He is bigger and stronger than the other stickmen, so you have to be careful not to let him hit you. You have to dodge his attacks and wait for the right moment to strike back. If you defeat him, you will take his crown and his castle.

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Why you should play Count Masters

Count Masters is a fun and challenging game that will appeal to anyone who likes running games, stickman games, or math games. Here are some reasons why you should play Count Masters:

  • It is easy to play but hard to master. You can learn the basics of the game in minutes, but you will need to use your brain and your reflexes to beat the levels and the bosses.

  • It is addictive and entertaining. You will never get bored of Count Masters, as there are always new levels, obstacles, and enemies to face. You will also want to collect coins and power-ups, upgrade your stickman army, and compete with other players online.

  • It is educational and stimulating. Count Masters will help you improve your counting, multiplication, and mental math skills. You will also develop your strategic thinking, decision making, and problem solving abilities.

  • It is suitable for all ages and preferences. Count Masters is a game that anyone can enjoy, regardless of their age, gender, or background. You can customize your stickman leader with different skins, hats, and accessories. You can also choose from different worlds and themes, such as medieval, fantasy, sci-fi, and more.

Features of Count Masters

Count Masters is a game that has many features that make it stand out from other crowd runners. Here are some of the features that you will find in Count Masters:

Dynamic and colorful graphics

Count Masters has a vibrant and lively design that will catch your eye and keep you engaged. The graphics are smooth and detailed, with bright colors and cool animations. The backgrounds are also diverse and realistic, with different landscapes and sceneries. You will feel like you are running through a real city with your stickman crowd.

Simple and intuitive controls

Count Masters has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to play and control. You just have to swipe left or right on the screen to move your stickman leader and guide your crowd. You can also tap on the boost button at the bottom right corner of the screen to make your crowd run faster for a short period of time. The game also has sound effects and music that enhance the gameplay experience.

Various levels and obstacles

Count Masters has a lot of levels that will challenge you and test your skills. Each level has a different layout, difficulty, and objective. You will have to face various obstacles, such as walls, fences, cars, buses, trains, bridges, rivers, lakes, bombs, spikes, traps, and more. You will also have to deal with different enemies, such as other stickman crowds, police officers, soldiers, zombies, robots, aliens, dragons, and more. You will never know what to expect in each level of Count Masters.

Upgrade your stickman army

Count Masters allows you to upgrade your stickman army with coins that you collect during the game. You can use the coins to buy more stickmen for your crowd or improve their attributes. You can increase their speed, strength, health, or defense. You can also unlock new skins, hats, and accessories for your stickman leader. You can also change the color of your crowd to match your style. You can make your stickman army look awesome and powerful in Count Masters.

Compete with other players online

Count Masters is not only a single-player game, but also a multiplayer game. You can connect with other players online and compete with them in real-time. You can join or create a room and invite your friends or random players to join you. You can also chat with them and send them emojis. You can see who is the best crowd master in the world and rank up on the leaderboard. You can also earn trophies and rewards for your achievements. You can have fun and make friends with other players in Count Masters.

Tips and tricks for Count Masters

Count Masters is a game that requires skill and strategy to win. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you improve your performance and beat the levels:

Choose the best gate

The most important decision you have to make in Count Masters is choosing the best gate at each checkpoint. You have to consider the number of stickmen in your crowd, the number of stickmen in the enemy crowd, the layout of the level, and the time limit. You have to balance between increasing your crowd size and avoiding obstacles or red zones. Sometimes, it may be better to choose a gate that gives you fewer stickmen but a safer path. Other times, it may be better to choose a gate that gives you more stickmen but a risk


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