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Where To Buy Shaving Supplies

Although Dr. Selby advertises this as a triple concentrated shaving cream, it is actually a hard soap. Despite being a hard soap, it lathers very easily and produces a lather that is both slick and...

where to buy shaving supplies


Dr. Selby shaving creams have been created to achieve the perfect shave by adapting to the needs of every skin. With ample cushion to protect from possible irritation, its creamy formula softens the...

Barba Sana Marvelous cream is a must have for your medicine chest. It is an excellent pre-shave but also works wonders as a post shave treatment. Besides shaving though, it brings relief for chapped...

Asylum Levante shaving soap is made for us by a top tier shaving soap manufacturer in Spain. This triple milled hard soap lathers like a champ and produces rich, creamy and protective lather that is...

There's nothing quite like a good shave. You shouldn't have to get lost at Mall of America looking for shaving supplies at one of the many chain stores, as there are local stores all across the metro that offer everything you'll need for the optimum shaving experience. Some of the finest stores in the world are located right here in Minnesota, and when you feel how smooth your skin is and smell the clean fragrances hanging in the air afterwards, you'll feel like a million bucks.

Heimie's Haberdashery400 St. Peter St.St. Paul, MN 55102(651) 224-2354www.heimies.comA classic, elegant store located in historic downtown St. Paul sells everything men need. Find crisp suits and ties, leather shoes, hats and the finest in shaving supplies. You can sit down in and enjoy the old-world charm of a shave and haircut right in Heimie's, but if you need to take your shaving gear to go to, let the helpful staff find what you need so you know you're leaving with the finest. An experience at Hemie's is one of a kind. Stop in for shaving supplies today, and you'll be back for that handcrafted leather bag, sparkling cuff links or anything else that will catch your eye.

Garden of Eden867 Grand Ave.St. Paul, MN 55105(651) 293-1300www.gardenofedenstores.comIn the busy Grand Avenue shopping district, your shaving cream, soaps and after shave await at the Garden of Eden. A wide variety of products can be found at this beautiful little store, but for shaving, try the cream that carries the Garden of Eden label. You won't be disappointed. The finest in women's products make it a must for any Grand Avenue shopping day, and for men, it is a great place to fill your shaving cream order while the wife is shopping at next-door boutiques.

Martin Patrick 3212 3rd Ave. N., Suite 106Minneapolis, MN 55401(612) 746-5329www.martinpatrick3.comA must-stop shop in the trendy North Loop district in Minneapolis, Martin Patrick's is like the aforementioned Heimie's in that it offers everything a man could want. And then it offers more. For shaving supplies, the store offers everything from throat razors to post-shave cooling creams, as well as dozens of aftershaves. While you can find some of its products online, it's worth stopping into the store to let the staff take great care of you and your shaving needs.

William Marvy Company1540 St. Clair Ave.St. Paul, MN 55105(651) 698-0726www.wmmarvyco.comAnother St. Paul institution that keeps that past alive is the William Marvy Company. You know the spinning red white and blue barber poles, synonymous with happy days America? If you see one, chances are it came from this company, one of the last making the authentic poles. But you're looking for shaving supplies, and you'll find the finest in shaving brushes, shaving mugs and shaving soap for an old-school shave like no other. Find everything you need at the William Marvy Company.

One of the new crazes these days is monthly boxes. Be it manly food, cool indy gift ideas, or shaving products, these monthly subscription services are popping up everywhere. One of which is the Wet Shave Club, who asked us to do a review of their starter kit. I generally like to dig deeper into product offerings like this to find out what makes them tick and this one was very interesting. Like most companies that source various products from multiple manufactures, The Wet Shave Club switches up the items fairly regularly.

The Shave Shack was born in the heart of Texas, in a town that's been around since 1831. History and tradition are tenants of our curated collection of grooming supplies and shaving accessories. But we're more than just high quality shaving gear. We're here to help you learn anything and everything about the fine art of grooming.

Check out our huge & ever expanding selection of Traditional Wet Shaving supplies from around the world! Proraso, Merkur, Feather, Taylor of Old Bond Street, Edwin Jagger, Kent and so much more. Because we import many products directly, we can offer some of the best pricing around.

Our specialty from day-one has been American Crew & after over 15 years online, we're still the go-to place to find everything American Crew at some of the best prices anywhere. Being an official, authorized retailer of American Crew & most brands we carry, rest assured we only stock 100% genuine, factory fresh, professional grooming products designed specifically for guys! Expert advice is always available as we don't just want you to buy product, we want you to buy the right product.

Using a blend of botanical ingredients and pure Essential Oils, we designed the 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave to provide a comfortable shave, while helping you avoid common issues. Complete your routine with shaving products for the perfect shave. The results: a close shave and healthy looking skin.

There is an old fashioned Chemist called A Maitland and Co on the south side of Piccadilly, close to the Circus end and near to the Waterstones bookstore. They always have nice shaving items, quite expensive when I looked, but they do have a fair range so you might find something within budget.

There is also the very exclusive Penhaligons up in Burlington Arcade (halfway up Piccadilly on the North side) whop supply shaving items to HRH Prince Charles amongst others, but a look at their website shows that their shaving brushes are in the 50 bracket.

Badgers are a protected species in North America and most of Europe, virtually all commercial badger hair comes from mainland China, which supplies knots of hair in three grades to brush makers in both China and Europe. In rural Northern China, badgers multiply to the point of becoming a crop nuisance, and village cooperatives are licensed by the national government to hunt badgers and process their hair. The badger is also used as food in China so nothing on the animal is wasted.

Every Christmas I take/send my brother-in-law in Australia some Penhaligons shaving cream and after shave. It's not cheap, but he says it's the best shaving cream he has ever used and he never wants to use anything else now. Also one tube lasts him three times as long as other shaving creams, so it may not be as expensive as it seems. He likes the Blenheim bouquet, but there are other fragrances. Worth investigating. They also have a lovely old shop in (ta && ta.queueForLoad ? ta.queueForLoad : function(f, g)document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', f);)(function()ta.trackEventOnPage('postLinkInline', 'impression', 'postLinks-16267012', '');, 'log_autolink_impression');Covent Garden.

As it happens, though, just this week I bought my father a badger hair shaving brush (and assorted other shaving supplies) from the rather wonderfully old-fashioned F Flittner at 86 Moorgate. They are an old-fashioned barber, but their window onto the street is a display of shaving products.

I'd echo Liberty by Oxford Circus. There is a place on the lower ground floor called 'Murdock' that specializes in wet shaving paraphenalia. You can get a wet shave there if you like, but it's advisable booking first as they only tend to have one person working there and it's quite small. 041b061a72

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