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Fallout 4 Mod Piracy

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fallout 4 mod piracy

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When videogames dally in the fantasy of Caribbean piracy, they lean towards the peglegs, the accordions, the cheery camaraderie, and the general feeling that every member of your burly crew is gloggled on gut-rotting moonshine at all times. Even the family-friendly Sea of Thieves has the raucous tone of a great seafaring pissup.

I call it that, because New Horizons expands beyond pure piracy and into the piracy-with-fancy-uniforms-and-bayonets known as colonialism. You can pick a starting date anywhere between 1500 and 1830, which will affect the colonial balance of power in the Caribbean, most of which has been recreated here, with dozens of islands and cities to visit.

Back when I was in middle school (around 2010), I discovered this game and Cyberops's mod. The mod was excellent and I was able to play through the story-line with no difficulty at all. I started studying history in various areas including the age of sail (i.e the golden age of piracy) and noticed some inaccuracies, in various places, in the mod. I also was eager to modify the game past Cyberops's accomplishments and as such I once lurked on the PiratesAhoy forums as a guest in order to receive help by searching and browsing the forums to mod the game. After my shared computer crashed, I started to pick up the pieces on my new system. By junior year in high school I joined the PiratesAhoy Community in order to mod the game to my standards using Cyberops's creation as the basis. Many versions of the mod came out and each improvement, in the updates released, made the game better until the time came to release version 4.0. Version 4.0 was the elephant in the room when I was getting too busy to mod the game. I was a bit lax on my restrictions for that mod as the quest I released had a terrible exploit bug that allowed you to complete the quest before the Dutchman could be fought. In that sense I never got it right and the quest seemed empty compared to my previous feats in modifying the game. I also unbalanced the ships by adding new ones, and other game-play problems cropped up, one by one. I left the forums for a few years as I attended personal matters that needed my attention.

"After some thought it appears there is no fully legal way for us to continue developing the Fallout 3 in Fallout 3 portion of the Capital Wasteland. Projects like this have always existed in a grey area of the law... If we were to continue and complete Fallout 3 in Fallout 4, legally I, as the project lead, would most probably be liable for any acts of piracy and copyright infringement resulting from the project's release.


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